A New Chance In Blogging

Hi! This is Millie! I had problems about my WordPress account because I cannot access my previous gmail account. Therefore, I can’t request for a new password. Luckily, there’s the WordPress’s Happiness Engineers to help me! I’m truly grateful!

I know I’ve been inactive for months now. Ever since I transferred to my new company, everything just for hectic! But now, I want to go back to blogging. I’m thirsty for more creativity!

So now, this new editor version is so alien to me. I prefer the classic one but this seems the default, so, owkay ( ‘-‘)

And I’m planning to schedule some new bloggin’ lovin’ routine! Maybe something like this:

  • Sunday – share weekly what you’re thankful for/what you want to improve
  • Saturday – create a story out of word challenges (gosh, I miss these!)
  • Monday – create a poem out of word challenges
  • Wednesday – upload a random photo

Aaaand that’s all for now, because I think I’ll be overwhelmed if I post everyday. I’m also thinking of doing the blogging course of WordPress coz I never had and that feels like I’m a newbie at blogging again (technically I am coz I have stopped writing stuff for a long time)

So there you go! Hope you guys are all having a wonderful day!

New Family: Milo

One day, I somehow persuaded my boyfriend to buy me a hamster. Although he didn’t like the idea of having a small pet he can’t hug with his both full arms, he still decided to accompany me to the pet shop to buy one.

That day, I was determined to buy a hamster but I went home with a three-month-old puppy. Milo; a healthy, dark-browned baby with a black tail. He didn’t whine during the entire ride.

I don’t know why I bought him even though I knew to myself that cats are what I love more. I’m a cat person but I bought a dog instead! Was it because he’s so irresistably cute? Was it because he looked lonely in his cage, I felt like I needed to get him out of there?

This is my first time having a dog of my own and like a new paranoid mom, I tend to overthink about a lot of bad things that might happen. I see puppies as delicate creatures that need 100% supervision and it’s gonna be hard taking care of them.

I’m not so sure why I chose Milo but he is sure to be treasured by both of his pet parents forever.

Trust His Honesty


his silly laughs

in those photographs

make other women

fall in love; smitten


you warned yourself to be careful

about his personality so guileful

he might lie to you in broad daylight

may flames of anger within you ignite


still you believe all his words are true

and trust his honesty towards you

when nothing works and everything around you fails

when you’re inside the train but it jumped the rails

you believe wholeheartedly he’ll come and save you

you’re a precious one! one of the very few


’tis true he left all his other lovers

because a person changes once he discovers

the love of his life; his sweetheart

and he won’t let anything separate you apart



Three Things Challenge: rail, broad, honesty

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: silly

Your Daily Word Prompt: smitten

Word of the Day Challenge: careful


Love Doing What You Do

people seek work in larger corporations

justifying the need for money in costly situations

eating leftovers for beggars can’t be choosers

find a high-paying job, or else, join the losers

for most people, solace comes from wealth

to put food on the table and also, good health


but if you intrinsically love doing what you do

even all the treasure in the world can’t woo you

a low salary may not look so attractive

especially dealing with massive

projects, tight deadlines and overtime work

but I care not! as long as I have this passionate spark

winsome and hardworking personality

can boost positivity in one’s mentality

you can reach success in this manner

just don’t forget all tasks in your planner


stick to passion and avoid money as main reason

for exerted effort and labor all throughout the season

you’ll gain from the choices you chose

you’ll grow, a well-nurtured rose



Word of the Day Challenge: justify

Ragtag Daily Prompt: winsome

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: manner

Three Things Challenge: stick, rose, solace

Your Daily Word Prompt: leftovers


Patiently Waiting

I’m waiting for your words

as sweet as a bird’s

song. But the long wait has made me jaded.

The excitement has long faded.

The descent in my energy

has caused me this lethargy.


My hope shattered to pieces, and splinters

hurt me as I pick them with my fingers.

Hopelessness is the twin of 

death, so enough!

I will never succumb nor

will I lie helplessly on the floor.


So here, I patiently sit

like how lady aristocrats knit

when they patiently wait for love;

waiting for their destiny from above.

Without freedom to do things my own way,

and all I could do is hope for the best and pray.


But still, here I wait,

believing in fate

that a herald will come

and that good news from

his mouth will bring glee,

and from my anxiety, I’ll be free.



Word of the Day Challenge: death

Ragtag Daily Prompt: splinter

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: jaded

Three Things Challenge: twin, aristocrat, herald

Your Daily Word Prompt: descent


A Freelance Writer

nightfall comes yet I continue to write

with only the computer screen giving off light

during my free time, I try to earn a living

from my inexperienced freelance writing


I was scared to write, at first

as if my talent in writing was cursed

my confidence engulfed in shadows

but I should never give in! I strongly oppose!

I know that I’m not the best writer

but I never give up; I’m a fighter!


my works aren’t really fantastic

but when it comes to writing, I’m enthusiastic

my own self is my competition; the better me I chase

beating my previous record; writing better essays


no one was strong when they started at level zero

they had to train for years to become a strong hero

you can’t take the shortcut; always endure

the path to success is a really long detour


soon in November, I’ll work with a team

working as a content writer is my dream

I’ll make a fortune out of it

to this kind of job, I’m wiling to commit



Your Daily Word Prompt: nightfall

Three Things Challenge: fantastic, record, team

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: detour

Ragtag Daily Prompt: shadows

Word of the Day Challenge: fortune


Achieve My Dreams

nervous, day and night

hoping everything’s all right

having no choice left in everything you do

is much scarier than a bugaboo

what am I nervous about, you ask?

no job! no money! I wanna drink the whole cask!

drown my sorrow

there’s no tomorrow



but wait, what’s this? 

I’ve an important call I can’t dismiss

I felt cold feet for some reason

literally cold! maybe it’s the rainy season?

it’s the HR department from my first choice

he gave me the good news and I can’t help but rejoice!

too surprised, I couldn’t speak

too excited, but I couldn’t shriek

felt mushy on the inside

and a bit teary-eyed 

felt happiness ramify through my veins

time to celebrate and drink champagnes!


I’m thankful I got hired

I got the job that I desired

I have no experience in this new field I chose

but to achieving my dreams, I am this close


Basically, I got a new job as a content writer but I’ll still start in November. I’m kinda scared to write about different kinds of topics I’m not really familiar with, but I know I’m totally going to enjoy it. Wish me luck!


Word of the Day Challenge: nervous

Ragtag Daily Prompt: thankful

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: bugaboo

Three Things Challenge: cold, mushy, speak

Your Daily Word Prompt: ramify


Changing blog’s name and URL

Hello, there! I’m changing my blog’s name since the spelling of Milly is bothering me for quite sometime. It should be spelled as “Millie” instead. I should have changed this a long time ago =/

I might unfollow some blogs accidentally, or lose followers but I would surely follow again if I noticed I’m not seeing any of your posts on my Reader (>_<) That’s all!~