Handling Finance

when I was a child, I wished to be a drummer

but I’ve got no talent! might as well be a plumber

I know my dream jobs won’t make much money

so I’ll choose a job I don’t like; how funny!


my lucky days have gone aloof

when all my savings have gone — poof! 

notify me for new job openings

to earn a living; to buy new things


everyone knows I’ve never eaten excessive

spicy food; but I eat sweet ones, so expensive!

my money gets less since I eat too much

and when I’m fat and penniless, I’ll hold a grudge!


can’t buy nice drinks with tapioca pearls

can’t have a nice night out with the girls

how can I have fun if I’m so broke?

spending more than what you earn is a huge joke!


trying my best to avoid greed

but I can’t control myself; I can’t succeed!

I did this to myself; this is no happenstance 

I am so bad at handling finance!


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: aloof

Your Daily Word Prompt: notify

Three Things Challenge: greed, drummer, tapioca

Ragtag Daily Prompt: happenstance

Word of the Day Challenge: spicy

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